Pagan themed Fusion Bellydance workshop

15 th of October 2022, at 6-7:30 pm (UTC +3)

Price: 15 €

Open level



This workhop draws inspiration from Elder Futhark runes. We will be consentrating on arm movements and making runic shapes with our bodies. Fusion Bellydance (Tribal Fusion) technique is used in this worskhop as well. Some Fusion Bellydance background is recommended, but not totally necessary.


The workshop will be streamed on Facebook. The participants may ask questions by commenting the video during the live stream. The class will be visible for two weeks after the workshop.


Rune Dance

You will receive an email detailing how to proceed with the payment of the course after registering. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact Anni: or DM her on social media @annidohlen. The workshop might be cancelled if there aren't enough participants.


Please note that students are not insured in the case of accidents by the organizer. All prices include gst 10 %.