Pagan themed dance workshop

13.11.2021, at 12-13:30

Aleksis Kiven Katu 34 (Dance Makers)

Price: 25 €

Open level


This workhop draws inspiration from Elder Futhark runes. We will be consentrating on arm movements and making runic shapes with our bodies. We will be using Fusion Bellydance (Tribal Fusion) technique in this worskhop as well. Some dance background is recommended.


If you live in Finland and would like to participate in person to this workshop, please email me:, so I know to use English as well while teaching. There will be an online workshop totally in English with the same theme (date will be updated soon).

 Dark & Metal Fusion Bellydance test class.

27.11.2021 at 13-14:00

Aleksis Kiven Katu 34 (Dance Makers)

Price: 10 €

Beginner, no previous dance background required.


Fusion Bellydance to metal & dark music!

The class consists of short warm up, Tribal Fusion technique drilling and dance combos. In the end we will do a short cool down. You just need comfortable dancing clothes and a water bottle with you and you are ready to dance!

Read more about Dark Fusion here.

Register by emailing:


Rune Dance

Test class