Fusion Bellydance solo performances.

You can order a dark and mystic pagan themed solo, dance to metal music or Tribal Fusion Bellydance solo to your event.

Solo performances can be modified to suit any occasion. More information and bookings: info@annidohlen.com

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Previous performances:

Private party (wedding), 2020

Tuesday Addams, 2019

Tribal Hafla (EE), 2019

Bellydance Showcase, 2019

Infusion Tallinn (EE), 2019

Infusion Emporium, Glitterball

Shakedown (UK), 2018

Private event, 2018

Tribal Salon After Party, 2018

Cafe Bohemia, 2018

Picture: Hanna Erkinjuntti

Duo Morte Dohlen is a quite recently formed Dark Tribal Fusion troupe, whose dance style combines snakey soft Tribal Fusion Bellydance moves with dark new-weird aesthetics. Duo is formed by two dancer-dance teachers: Maria Morte and Anni Dohlen. Both of them are known for combining Bellydance to dark and metal music. The performance Norilor paints a scenery of gloomy and weird forest, whose faceless inhabitants come to life at dusk. What does the forest look like through the eyes of the creatures spawned from a tree? Who guides these creatures, whose movements resemble that of a marionette?

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Anni has appeared on two music videos:

Rustoga's Running video with her dance student Veera Kontiokari and Kallomäki's Tuulet oottakaa video with Maria Morte (Duo Morte Dohlen). You can see them below.


Picture: Veera kontiokari

Nox Mente

includes three Fusion Bellydancers: Tiitta Ahonen, Anni Dohlen and Sanna Utunen. They all have long experience in Tribal Fusion and Fusion Bellydance. The trio has a commmon interest in Flow-Arts and they attended weekly classes together. Influences from Flow-Arts is visible in their choreographies. Nox Mente combines props, such as swords, fan veils or zills to their performances, which creates the sensation of danger and visuality. Their newest piece is a sword choreography which guides the viewer to a mystical forest where its luring but dangerous dwellers keep a watchful eye. Nox Mente's performances are suitable for an event that yearns for mystic beauty. It's possible to include solos or duos from the group to the performance. Ask an offer via email: info@annidohlen.com or the contact form below.


You can order the duo performance as a separate show or as a package deal with solos from both of the dancers. Maria Morte's solo introduces the audience to elegant gothic aesthetics and Anni Dohlen to mystic pagan themes or metal atmosphere. This set is well suited to a horror or dark themed event. More information and bookings: info@annidohlen.com.

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