Dark Fusion Bellydance solo performances.

Order a dark and mystic pagan themed solo or dance to metal music to your event!

Solo performances can be modified to suit many occasions. More information and bookings: info@annidohlen.com. You can also send an inquiry via the contact form below. You can ask for group performances as well.


Previous solo performances:


Hellsinki Industrial Festival, Helsinki 2022

Tribal Salon Gala Show, Helsinki 2022 Pakanalliset syysmessut, Helsinki 2021

Tribal Hafla (EE), Tallinna 2019

Bellydance showcase, Helsinki 2019

Infusion Tallinn (EE), Tallinna 2019

Infusion Emporium Glitterball Shakedown (UK), Wolverhampton 2018



Anni has appeared on two music videos:

Rustoga's Running video with her dance student Veera Kontiokari and Kallomäki's Tuulet oottakaa video with Maria Morte (Duo Morte Dohlen).


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